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What you will find here...
This area is devoted to all of the owners of Dolphin Run Condominiums. This area is for you. We'll keep you posted on beach events and happenings at Dolphin Run.

Current Board Members

Stuart Jones - President/Building Integrity Chair (2012)

Peter Daub - Vice President//Personnel Committee Chair (2012)

Catherine Guardia - Secretary/Real Estate Brokerage Chair (2011)

Joyce Holloway - Treasurer/Finance Committee Chair (2010)

Steve Konopka- Rental/Sales Committee Chair (2010)

Ed Kulda - Rules and Regulations Committee Chair (2011)

Glenn McClanan - Government Relations Committee Chair (2010)

Steve Konopka - Asst Chair Finance Committee (2012)

Jerry Zimbardi - House Committee(2013)

Linda Frantz- 2011)


Breaking News

18 July 2010: Posted here are the May 2010 financials for both the Condo and Rental side. Click to view.

17 June 2010:

Note from the Rental Committee:

As of June 16, 2010, owners participating in the Rental Program will see an increase in the amount of the Sanitation deduction from their next draw.
The fee will be as follows:

1 Bedrooms:  No change in fee: $50
1 Bedroom Deluxe & 2 bedrooms:  $60
3 Bedrooms:                              $65

We apologize for the late notification of this increase.  Thanking you in advance for your understanding.

Tina M. Carroll
Rental & Sales Manager

17 June 2010: Posted here is a copy of the letter from Barry Doran's office that was given to the owners in attendance at the last meeting. Click here to view.

13 June 2010: Posted here is a document concerning Virginia Beach and the Gulf oil spill. Click to view.

13 June 2010: Posted here are the April rental side financials. Click to view. Rental balance sheet. Rental income/expense.

6 June 2010: Posted here are the April condo side financials. Click here to view. Also posted is the latest Dolphin Tales for May. Click to view.

17 May 2010: To all rental owners: For the next month or so renting owners who receive their owner draw will also receive a document titled Vendor Check Register. Click here to view. Renting owners should also review Rule #44 of the Dolphin Run Condominiums Rules and Regulations which can be accessed from the left side of this page.

17 May 2010: The June meeting originally scheduled for the 19 of June will be held on 12 June 2010 at 9:00 a.m.

17 May 2010: Posted are the approved minutes of the April 2010 meeting. Click here to view.

22 April 2010: Posted here is the latest edition of the Dolphin Tales. Please consider as this is Earth Day if you really need to have a hard copy mailed to you. If you are fine with an electronic copy send me an email at and I will put you on the electronic copy only list. Click here to view.

21 April 2010: Posted are the financials for March 2010. March Condo Income Statement. March Balance Sheet Condo. March Balance Sheet Rental 2010. March Rental Income Statement 2010.

14 April 2010: Posted are the approved minutes of the February 2010 meeting. Click here to view.

14 April 2010: Welcome to the Board to Mrs. Petrine Squires who was appointed at the last Board of Directors' meeting to fill the vacancy.

28 March 2010: For all renting owners please click on the link to read a letter from Peter Daub, Chairperson of the Rental Committee. Click here to view.

28 March 2010: Posted here are the financials for January 2010. From here on out there will be only one link for the financials and both condo and rental will be included together. Click here to view.

21 March 2010: Posted here are the latest financials for both the condo and rental sides. Click on the links to view: Feb P & L (Condo); Feb Bal Sheet (Condo); Feb P & L (Rental); Feb Bal Sheet (Rental).


4 March 2010: Posted here is the latest edition of the Dolphin Tales (February 2010). Click here to view.

4 March 2010: Click here to view the road closure for the Shamrock Marathon. Closure #1

21 February 2010: Posted are the unaudited draft financials for December 2009. Click here to view.

21 February 2010: Posted are the approved minutes of the January 2010 meeting. Click here to view.

11 February 2010: Please click on the link to view the report as a result of the window and door testing as conducted by RECON, Inc. REPORT PART I REPORT PART II. NOTE: THIS REPORT SHOULD NOT BE PRINTED OR DISTRIBUTED AS IT IS A COPYRIGHT PROTECTED REPORT.

4 February 2010: Posted here is the February edition of the Dolphin Tales. Click here to view.

19 January 2010: Click here to view the APPROVED minutes from the December 2009 meeting. December 2009 meeting minutes.

21 December 2009: Posted here is the latest copy of Dolphin Tales (January 2010 edition). Click here to view.

15 December 2009: Posted is the 2010 Operating Budget as passed by the Board at the last meeting. Please click the links to view. 2010 Condo 2010 Rental.

10 December 2009: For the renting owners: Below are the test links for the pictures that we will be posting on the website. I would like for each owner to look at the link for their unit. Verify that the sleep arrangements are correct. If you have more recent pictures than what are posted you may submit them to me. All pictures must be in a jpeg format. Three bedrooms have five pictures max (two views of living area and 1 of each bedroom). Everything else has four pictures. If everything is good please send me an email stating the same. If you have any questions please email me at Happy Holidays!

1 Bedroom

1 Bedroom Deluxe

2 bedroom

3 bedroom

7 December 2009: Posted are the approved minutes of the October 2009 Board of Directors' Meeting. Click here to view.

7 December 2009: Posted here are the financials for October. Please click one of the following links to view. October Balance Sheet (Condo). October Income Statement (Condo). Rental Financials.

17 November 2009: Click here to view the letter dated today from the President concerning the recent nor'easter storm. Click here to view.

5 November 2009: Click here to view the latest copy of Dolphin Tales.

5 November 2009: Please click here to view a slide show of the east side scaffolding coming down.

5 November 2009: As you can see by viewing the slideshow above the work progresses rapidly and we have signed up for work segment 5 and the completion of our project. Please remember that the second half of the assessment was due on 1 November 2009. Please forward your check if you have not done so. Late charges will accrue on November 10, 2009.

2 November 2009:

As more and more owners begin their renovations on their units several issues have come to light.

1.  Owners you are reminded that you need to inform your contractor of the following.

    a.  Construction debris is to be removed off-site.  Not placed in our dumpster.  Not placed in the contractor's dumpster.
    b.  All construction materials are to kept in the unit.  While we had tried to be a little lenient owners' contractors have entirely gone overboard.  These hallways will and must remain clear at all times.
    c.  No cutting of tile or wood etcs., is permitted in the hallway.  We have not had a contractor yet who has cleaned up after themselves adequately.
    d.  Old furniture, cabinets, etc. can not be left in the hallways.
    e.  Construction materials are not to be left in the stairwells.  The stairwell's main purpose is emergency egress not storage.
    f.   The contractors are only to use the elevator that is padded to move tools and materials.

2.  Owners are reminded that if your renovations are cosmetic (i.e. painting or replacing carpet) then you are not required to submit a package for review however, if anything is structural (installing tile, wood flooring, abating your ceiling, moving walls, renovating bathrooms, kitchens etc etc, you must first submit a package for review.  You must state in your package whether the ceiling will be disturbed in any way and specifically what you will be doing.

3.  If you have any questions please contact me as soon as possible and thank you for your cooperation.

R. E. McKinley, General Manager sends

25 October 2009: In response to the concerns of several owner’s raised at the last meeting and in addition with the directive issued through LPA (posted on the website) to ULM Development, the following procedures have also been placed into effect.  Effective immediately for the duration of the reclad project all keys controlled by the office must be signed out and in.  This includes not only reclad project workers but all contractors including those retained by owners (if the owner did not provide their contractor a set of keys).  Also any family members or guests that arrive without keys must sign out the key from the office and return it upon their departure.  All owners must notify the office of any family members or family guest that are authorized to use their unit.  Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated. Please click here to view the directive to ULM Development from LPA.

25 October 2009: Please click here to view the following financial reports. September Income Statement. September Balance Sheet. Rental Income Statement. Rental Balance Sheet. As a reminder, the second half of the assessment is due by 1 November 2009.

18 October 2009: Please click here to review the financials as of August 2009:

18 October 2009: Please click here to view the approved minutes of the August 2009 Board meeting.

6 October 2009: Click here to view the latest edition of Dolphin Tales.

6 October 2009: Click here to view the approved minutes of the 2008 Annual Meeting.

6 October 2009: Upcoming road closure for the Wicked 10K to be held on Saturday 31 October, 2009. Click here to view road closure schedule.

22 September 2009: As a result of the Dolphin Run Condominium Association Annual Meeting the following owners were elected. Congratulations to Stuart Jones, Jim Marchesani and Steve Konopka. We would also like to thank Shirley Blair for her hard work and dedication on behalf of Dolphin Run.

22 September 2009: For the owners who were unable to attend the 2009 Annual Meeting posted here is a copy of the Annual Meeting Book. Please click here to view. *Note this document is over 60 pages long.

3 September 2009: Please click here to view the latest edition of Dolphin Tales. Also please do not forget about getting in your window treatment sheets and proxy ballots.

21 August 2009: The first set of balcony railings have been installed and the northwest scaffolding has been taken down. Posted are a couple fo pictures of the front of the building as it comes together.

18 August 2009: Posted here is the letter calling for a second assessment. This letter was mailed on 17 August 2009. If you do not receive yours by Friday, 21 August 2009 please contact me. Click here to view.

16 August 2009: Posted here are the approved minutes of the July 2009 Board of Directors' Meeting. Click to view.

16 August 2009: Reminder: If you would like to order pins for the American Music Festival I will need your order by 24 August 2009. Please send me an email with your pin count. You will be invoiced for it as a work order. The cost of the pins are $10 each. Click the line to see the American Music Festival lineup.

11 August 2009: Posted are the data sheets (MSDS) for the products being used for the balcony repair work. Click to view. MSDS 1 MSDS 2 MSDS 3 MSDS 4 MSDS 5 MSDS 6 MSDS 7 MSDS 8.

30 July 2009: Posted here is the latest edition of Dolphin Tales. Click here to view.

27 July 2009: Posted here are the approved minutes from the June 2009 meeting. Click here to view.

21 July 2009: Posted here are the June 2009 financials. Please click here for the condo side. Please click here for the rental side.

12 July 2009: Posted here are the May financials and May balance sheet for the rental side. Click on the document link to view. May financials - rental. May balance sheet - rental.

7 July 2009: Posted here is the July issue of Dolphin Tales. Please click here to view. Hard copies will be mailed 8 July 2009.

7 July 2009: Posted here are the financials for the month of May 2009. Please click here to view.

25 June 2009: Dear Owners, with many of you contemplating renovations to your units please keep the following very important information in mind:

All owners are reminded that most of the ceilings in the units contain asbestos fibers and must be dealt with in accordance with Rule #40 of the Dolphin Run Condominium Association Rules and Regulations and applicable Virginia law. Unless you have certification from a Virginia licensed asbestos removal contractor that your ceilings have been made asbestos free you should assume that it still contains asbestos fibers. To wit:

Rule 40. Asbestos removal procedures:
I. Notification must be given to the board of Directors prior to the removal or disturbance of the ceiling finish which contains asbestos. The contractor removing the material must be a Virginia licensed asbestos removal contractor. Proper notification must be given to the Department of Labor and Industry for the State of Virginia. It is the owner’s responsibility to verify that the contractor has been given notification. Any fines, penalties, or related expenses imposed or incurred upon the association or owner as a result of improper removal or disturbance will be at the owner’s expense. (1/90)

II. Any contractor entering the building to do work must provide proof of insurance to management. (2006)

III. Any remodeling must be approved by the Board of Directors. (2006)

It is the owner's responsibility to ensure that they and their contractors adhere and follow all rules and regulations with regards to their project.

22 June 2009: Please click here to view the April 2009 financials (the May financials will be posted once reviewed by the Treasurer. Click here to view the minutes of the special meeting held on 6 June 2009.

9 June 2009: Please click here to view a letter from LPA and Philip Pointon concerning the balcony work that is to begin shortly.



1 June 2009: At the May board meeting several owners raised questions to LPA concerning the reclad project. Please click here to see the questions and answers.

1 June 2009: A friendly reminder: Please Please Please notify the office if you are coming down to stay in your unit. This will allow us to schedule the ongoing construction more effectively when we know what units we can get into.

26 May 2009: Please click here to view the latest edition of Dolphin Tales.

3 May 2009: Below is a rental program update from the Chairperson of the Rental Committee - Peter Daub:

3 May 2009: Here is some frequently asked questions about swine flu with answers from CDC via the Virginia Beach government website. Click here to view.

30 April 2009: Please click here to view the May 2009 Dolphin Tales.

19 April 2009: Below are three photos of the north elevation.....looking good!

19 April 2009: Please click here to view the approved minutes of the March 2009 Board of Directors meeting.

16 April 2009:

We regret to inform the ownership that Peggy Barden’s unit 1302 has sold as of 2 April 2009.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank her for her years of service to Dolphin Run Condominiums and to the Board of Directors and wish her well in her future endeavors.

Pursuant to our by-laws this means that we now have a vacancy on the Board.  We will be accepting resumes for this vacancy from now until Thursday 14 May 2009 at 5:00 p.m.  If you are interested you may either mail, fax (757) 437-8285 or email ( your resume.

Stuart Jones, President, DRCA Board of Directors sends -

15 April 2009:

To all owners / owner guests:

If you are planning to stay in your unit during this construction period it is imperative that you notify the front desk upon your arrival and departure.  This will allow things to run smoother and keep us from waking you up early in the morning.  If you know ahead of time when you are coming you may email me at the office and I will get the information to the General Contractor.  If you have guests coming to use your unit  please inform them as to what is going on and what they can expect. As a reminder, as the new doors and windows go in, DO NOT GO OUT ON THE BALCONIES.   Many of the balconies have sections of the railing system missing and we can’t screw the new doors and windows shut for obvious reasons.  Your cooperation during this process  has always and will continue to be appreciated.

R. E. McKinley
General Manager
Dolphin Run Condominiums

13 April 2009: It is with great sadness that I announce the passing of Nancy Tongel owner of unit 1106 over the weekend. As of yet there are no details about services when known it will be posted.

13 April 2009: Below is a photo as the North Elevation is revealed. From an ugly duckling to a beatiful swan...

13 April 2009: Attached is a copy of the Mechanic's Lien Release as ordered by the Circuit Court of Virginia Beach. Please click here to view

10 April 2009: From DRCA President Stuart Jones, "I went to court with Joe (Ulm of Ulm Developement) today and the judge allowed the bond to be posted and the lien removed as of today.

10 April 2009: From Ulm Development: "We are in the process of installing sliding glass doors on the 00 stack on the north tower. We have removed the hand rails on all the balconies. Units with new doors should not be rented until all repairs and railings have been installed." This is necessary as the balconies will have no railings and there is no way to secure the doors closed during this process unless the new doors are damaged.

2 April 2009: Below is a Rental Program Update with respect to the reclad project. You can read the text of the letter below or click on this link to print it out.

April 2, 2009

Dear Dolphin Run Owners:
During these difficult times, involving weekly if not daily changes to our rental units and rental program, I thank you for your patience and support.  I have gathered much information through several meetings with Joe Ulm, Eric Ulm and the project superintendent.  I will do my best to pass these facts on to you so that you may plan your summer rentals accordingly.  This is certainly not perfect for everyone, and will cause some frustration and loss of rentals as compared to previous summers; however I have put together a formula that I believe is in the best interest of Dolphin Run and all owners who rent.  The main areas taken into consideration were:
1)      Noise Impact
2)      View Impact
3)      Pool Impact
4)      Impact of interior walls of units
5)      Facility impact: parking garage, walkways and entrance
These areas have a direct bearing on our tenants who expect a product (Dolphin Run) that is worthy of their financial investment.  This summer we cannot provide the high standard of excellence that we strive for because of the on-going construction.  The following changes to the Rental Program need to take place:
1)      Because of the impact of noise, scaffolding and green mesh curtain that obstructs views, we will not rent units until the week of June 13th.
2)      June 13th – July 3rd we will only be renting the 00, 01, 02 and 03 stacks.  During this time, baring unforeseen circumstances, all scaffolding and mesh curtains will be down and noise will be minimal.
3)      Starting June 1st owners will able to get into the 00, 01, 02 and 03 stacks to clean, paint, etc. without further construction hindrance to their walls.
4)      Starting the July 4th week all units, 00 through 07 should be available to rent through September 1st. All scaffolding and green mesh curtains will be down and noise should be minimal.
5)      Starting June 25th owners will be able to get into the 04, 05, 06 and 07 stacks to clean, paint etc. without further construction hindrance to their walls.
6)      The sundeck will be closed until the July 4th week, but will be open for the remainder of the summer.
7)      The pool will be open the entire summer and the beach access door will be open for use.
8)      As of June 11th, the parking lot will be open, except for the spaces facing Atlantic Avenue.  Tenants will be able to drive in and unload as was the norm in previous summers
The above estimates are the best that can be determined as of April 1st.  They may change due to poor weather conditions or unforeseen construction difficulties.  It is my hope that these facts will put many rumors to rest and will provide all owners with the most current information available. 
Many concerns have been presented to me from Tina Carroll, our Rental Manager, and owners. 
1)    All owners need to adjust their expectations to realistic levels during this tough economic period.  As of April 1st, our rentals are down over 50% compared to previous summers. We view this as a result of the economic environment not the construction that is in progress at Dolphin Run.  This is perhaps the very best summer that the construction could occur.
2)    Owners who do not rent through Dolphin Run must inform their tenants about the on-going construction and how it may impact their visit.  This is not the responsibility of Dolphin Run.
3)    We will notify all tenants who have signed up for summer weeks through Dolphin Run explaining the impact of the construction and the financial deductions we are allowing them.
4)    Per our Rental Listing Agreement, owners may not reduce the rent of their units further than by what is determined by the Rental Committee.  The deductions that we have put in place should be the standard for all.
5)    This will be a difficult time for Tina and Emily.  Please do not call on a continuous basis for updates or personal rental information.  They need this time to inform all tenants what to expect this summer at Dolphin Run and how they can help them to adjust and be comfortable with the on-going construction.
The next area of concern is how to be fair and equitable to our tenants and to treat all owners in the rental program as fairly as possible. I have given this issue much thought and obtained information from many people before making the following adjustments for the 2009 summer rental season.
1)      All tenants will receive a $200 deduction for the summer of 2009.  Owners will pay commission on that reduced rent.
2)      All tenants this summer will receive a $150 coupon for the 2010 season with $75 being deducted from the owners rent payment in 2010 and the balance being absorbed by the Association.
3)      During the month of June, stacks 00,01,02,03 will be given priority for rentals and for the month of August, stacks 04,05,06,07 will be given priority.  This means that the office will push as many tenants as possible during those periods to the appropriate stacks of the buildings in order to achieve a fair balance for everyone.
All of the above must be approved by the Board; however, this is my strong recommendation after obtaining as many facts as possible, listening to as many opinions as possible and trying to create a sense of fairness to all.
Portions of this letter will create many opinions, some possible frustrations and certainly some emotion.  The dates may change, the weather may be good or bad, construction problems may occur; however I have presented to you updated facts as of April 1st.  Lets work together to understand that this will not be perfect for everyone, the formula will be in the best interest of our tenants and our owners and it will be a fair balance for everyone.  I will do my best to answer any questions at the April 18th Board Meeting, and as new facts become available I will be happy to convey them to you.

Peter Daub
Chairman, Rental Committee




2 April 2009: Here is a letter from ULM Development to LPA concerning the lien.

1 April 2009: Recently all owners received a letter from Baker Building Services speaking of a notice of mechanic's lien. This issued is being resolved by the contractor. A bond has been posted against the disputed amount and should alleviate any problems owners may have refinancing or selling their unit because of the lien. Please click here to view the bond.

26 March 2009: Click here for the April edition on Dolphin Tales.

24 March 2009: Posted are the approved minutes from the February 2009 Board of Directors' Meeting. Click here to view.

24 March 2009: Below is a revised updated reclad project schedule dated 23 March 2009. This schedule supercedes all previous schedules.


15 March 2009: Posted is a collection of photos of the progress of the reclad project. Reclad Project photos.

11 March 2009: At the February Board meeting an owner asked about real estate assessments at Dolphin Run. Glenn McClanan of the Board wrote to the real estate assessor's office and posted here is the response from the city. Please click here to view the Real Estate Assessor letter.

8 March 2009: Please click here for a reclad update with regards to the 2009 summer rental season.

20 January 2009: Please click here to view the 2009 Dolphin Run budget.

8 January 2009: Here is reclad project update #3 from the President, DRCA.





4 January 2008:


For those owners who require an insurance certificate for the 2008 year for their mortgage company, please contact our insurance agent Bill Williard of Nationwide Insurance. Your request must be in writing and may be faxed or mailed. The fax number is (757) 363-8263 and the mailing address is: 307 Lynnhaven Parkway. Ste 201; Virginia Beach, VA 23452. Ensure that on your request that you provide the full mailing address of the mortgage company you need it sent to along with your loan number. Also if you would like a copy of it sent to you please so state and provide a mailing address. If you have any questions you may contact their office at (757) 464-4443.


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